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Welcome to the St. John's of Morgan blog!

Welcome to the St. John's of Morgan blog!

I (Pastor Heykes) will be the moderator of the blog. I plan to post a variety of devotions, announcments, observations, comments, opinions and editorials about our church, theology, Biblical studies, current events and even politics for you to consider. . .

. . .and I invite you to respond with your thoughts. Just click on the comments link below and type away.

Whenever you choose to post -- please remember that this is the blog of a Christian community -- let us show each other the love and respect that Christ desires of us even when we disagree.

More later -- PfH

2007-05-09 21:01:06 GMT
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Just me testing the blog. If you can read this all is well and you can add your post when ever you would like to.
2007-05-13 02:11:28 GMT
Hi Pastor Heykes, this is a nice website! You must have put a lot of work into it! God's blessings!
--Sherry Van Lishout
2007-05-17 18:13:35 GMT