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Building Today for God's Tomorrow

Well, as you can see it has been a while since I posted anything to St. John's weblog. But I hope to keep putting a lot of new postings up in the months to come as we undertake the most significant step forward in our ministry since 1986.

In '86 St. John's broke away from the two point relationship that they congregation had with Grace in Oconto Falls (and it's predecessor congregation) since the early 1900's.

It was a scary time. The congregation never had to foot the bill for its own pastor. Old records indicate that St. John's paid about 1/5 to 1/4 of the pastor's salary. And in later years all of the housing was provided by the Falls congregation too.

But when Pastor Diemer retired and the congregations disolved the two point relationship, St. John's took up the challenge and called its own pastor.

Twentytwo years later, we have not merely survived - we have thrived.

We took the risk, stepped out on our own, and fulfilled the ministry to which we have been called - to proclaim the Gospel in the Town of Morgan through all we say and do!

Today, we are contemplating renovations to our facility that will bring us up-to-date with the space we need for ministry in the 21st century.

We need more classrooms, a bigger entry, decent offices, space that can be used as a nursry, ADA compliant restrooms, and improved storage areas.

Why? Well for one thing, we have nearly 300 more members than when our current structure was built in 1970. For another, since becoming independent of the two point relationship, we've added more programs and classes to the point that on Sunday morning there is no place for an additional meeting or class or even for a few people to sit down for conversation over a cup of coffee. And this list could go on and on. In fact, in future blogs I will address specific needs and questions.

It will be no small undertaking to add the space we need.

The cost will be over a half million dollars - perhaps closer to a million than 500K. And we are proposing this at a time when the economy of the nation is in a downward cycle - perhaps even a recession!

But we have to remember - that we are not really doing if for us. As the theme of our capital campaing says - we are Building Today for God's Tomorrow. And all of God's people who will pass through the corner of the world called Morgan, WI in the years to come.

May the Lord empower us to do his will and the best we can in our ministry in Chirst's name. Amen!

2008-04-08 20:56:23 GMT